Gibraltar Holidays

Nestled at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar stands as a beguiling blend of British tradition and Mediterranean charm. From the towering majesty of the Rock of Gibraltar to the kaleidoscope of marine life beneath the crystal clear waters of the embracing sea, this is a holiday destination with something unique for everyone. Be it a couples retreat, a family vacation or an adventurous journey with friends, Gibraltar promises abundant sunshine, tantalising cuisine, scenic splendour and a fascinating history to be discovered. All of which is enveloped in the warm embrace of British familiarity. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a returning admirer, prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey that won't break the bank.


From an iconic rock teeming with curious macaques to hidden underground caves and historic fortress, there's no dearth of intriguing destinations in sunny Gibraltar. Here's our top pick for must-visit spots in this fascinating British outpost.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Dominating the tiny territory, the Rock of Gibraltar is a wildlife reserve and home to hundreds of lively Barbary macaques, not to mention breathtaking views. Get ready for a unique, natural experience rich in history and geological interest.

St Michael's Cave

Deep within the Rock of Gibraltar lies this extraordinary natural wonder. St Michael's Cave transforms from an adventurous sightseeing spot during the day to a unique venue for concerts and performances at night.

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

For a tranquil escape, the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens offer a serene oasis filled with an array of plants and trees from around the world. Don't miss the Wildlife Conservation Park within its grounds.

Europa Point

At the southernmost tip of Gibraltar sits Europa Point, offering uninterrupted views of the African coastline and the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is also home to Gibraltar's only lighthouse.

Main Street

A trip to Gibraltar is incomplete without strolling along Main Street. Lined with British-style pubs, shops, and cafes, it's the heart of Gibraltar's social and commercial life. Duty-free shopping, anyone?

Where to Stay

From boutique stays offering charming views of the moored yachts in the marina to luxurious hotels perched on the edge of Gibraltar's Rock, there's an array of dwellings to match every preference and budget in Gibraltar.

For a family holiday

The Eliott Hotel, located at the heart of Gibraltar, is perfect for families seeking comfort and convenience. Close to key attractions and shopping locations, it makes for an easy, stress-free holiday. For self-catering options, the Bristol Hotel offers budget-friendly options and an outdoor pool.

For a couples holiday

The Rock Hotel, Gibraltar's oldest luxury hotel, provides the ideal setting for a dreamy romantic getaway. With stunning views of Spain and Morocco and a poolside terrace, it is the epitome of romance.

For a holiday with friends

The Sunborn Gibraltar is a floating hotel that offers a unique, luxury experience. With a casino, spa, and cocktail lounge onboard, it's perfect for a fun-filled holiday with friends.

When to Visit

Weather-wise, any time is a good time to visit Gibraltar as it enjoys an appealing Mediterranean climate. However, for the best beach weather, visit during the high season, which runs from June to August. Although this does mean sharing the beautiful sights with more visitors, it's also when the territory truly shines in its sunny glory.

Off-peak travel from October to May proffers fewer tourists and lower prices, with pleasantly mild temperatures ideal for outdoor sightseeing. Thanks to the territory's compact size, Gibraltar is a straightforward and hassle-free destination no matter the season.

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