Gibraltar Holidays

When daydreams suggest a destination combining beach bliss and captivating culture, the British jewel of Gibraltar might just be it. Perched on the Iberian Peninsula's southern edge, this delightfully varied territory entices with experiences as unique as the iconic Rock of Gibraltar itself.

From scenic strolls in vibrant town squares to the exhilarating exploration of historical sites and a thriving food scene, there's a wealth of experiences to be enjoyed. Rain or shine, Gibraltar promises to fill your holiday with engaging encounters and unforgettable memories.

Things to See and Do

Gibraltar is a treasure trove of sights and activities, offering everything from adrenaline-pumping adventures to idyllic strolls in serene surroundings. Journey through historical times or soak up the vibrant local culture, this territory has it all.

Skywalk Gibraltar

Visit the Skywalk Gibraltar for thrilling views far beyond the ordinary, standing taller than London's The Shard, it’s a sightseeing venture not to be missed.

St Michael's Cave

Dive into the mysterious and ancient allure of St Michael's Cave, a must-see archaeological delight that hosts exceptional concerts within its captivating limestone chambers.

Windsor Suspension Bridge

The Windsor Suspension Bridge serves an expansive view of Gibraltar's mesmerizing landscape that will make your heart skip a beat.

Moorish Castle

Explore the well-preserved Moorish Castle, a testament to Gibraltar's rich historical tapestry, which stands proudly overlooking the town.

Alameda Gardens

Finally, wander through the Alameda Gardens, a lush retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, home to unique flora and roaming wildlife – including Gibraltar's famous monkeys.

Food and Drink

Gastronomes rejoice as Gibraltar's melting pot of culinary influences truly serves up a symphony of flavours. From traditional British fare to the warm, rich notes of Spanish cuisine, every dish promises a gastronomic adventure.


For lovers of all things fish, a dining experience at Bianca's, overlooking the Marina, offers bountiful seafood galore. Adventurous eaters must try Calentita, Gibraltar's national dish – an oven-baked, chickpea flour pancake, best enjoyed on the sunny Main Street.

The Lounge in Queensway Quay

On a cozy evening, The Lounge in Queensway Quay promises a divine steak paired perfectly with robust wines. Save some room for dessert and treat your sweet tooth at Pie Shop Bakery or international favourites like Sacha Varone Ice Cream parlor.

Gibraltar Garrison Library or The Chimney sweep Bar

Gibraltar brews are best enjoyed at local establishments like Gibraltar Garrison Library or The Chimney sweep Bar, a fantastic finale to any night in this stunning territory.

Destination Essentials

Blessed with the Mediterranean’s generous sunshine, Gibraltar is a year-round destination that always has something to offer. Summer months, especially August, present sun worshipers with perfect beach weather, while spring and autumn let visitors roam comfortably amidst mild temperatures.

However, for a budget-friendly escape, October's softer hotel prices combined with the Mediterranean's still-warm afterglow make for a splendid sojourn. No matter when you decide to visit, Gibraltar greets you with a warm, sunny smile, and a promise of an unforgettable holiday.


Gibraltar proudly boasts a collection of beautiful beaches for glorious days under the Mediterranean sun. Whether you adore sandy stretches or revel in rocky shores, Gibraltar's beaches are a haven of relaxation and recreation.

Catalan Bay

Steeped in century-old charm, Catalan Bay offers picturesque beachside bliss amidst the echoes of its fishing village heritage. For a sweeping stretch of sand against a unique backdrop of planes taking off and landing overhead, the Eastern Beach delivers a unique beach experience.

Sandy Bay

Alternatively, indulge in secluded tranquillity, away from the crowds, at Sandy Bay or enjoy a family day out at the popular Western Beach where the amenities are abundant.

Camp Bay

For mesmerising views across the Atlantic, head to Camp Bay, a rocky retreat paired with mouthwatering eats at the beach's popular bar and restaurant.

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