Malta Holidays

The island of Malta, a sunshine-soaked gem of the Mediterranean, is a must-visit territory of diverse appeal. Founded by the Phoenicians, this compact nation blends an intoxicating mix of rich history, stunning landscapes, exceptional beaches and a vibrant culture, offering endless allure to every kind of traveller. Be it a romantic retreat, a fun family holiday or an all-inclusive sojourn with friends, the Maltese archipelago suits every taste and budget. Equally enticing for history buffs, sun-worshippers, culture vultures and nature enthusiasts, Malta’s charm is as incredible as it is extensive. Go on, pack your bags and fly off to this perfect escape, where culture, history and sunshine converge.


From Malta’s fortresses and temples dating back to 4000 B.C. to watersport-centric activities in the crystal-clear waters of Comino's Blue Lagoon; there is something for everyone on this Mediterranean island. Let's explore some of the charming Maltese spots that tourists love.


Malta's dramatic capital city is small but stunning. It's brimming with historical sites, such as St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the awe-inspiring Grand Master’s Palace. Its compact size makes it ideal for explorational walks, whilst the bustling nightlife caters to those looking for some evening energy.


Known as the 'Silent City', Mdina offers a charming slice of old Malta. Walking through its narrow, winding streets to admire Baroque architecture, views from Bastion Square or enjoying a quiet meal within the city walls is a rare treat.


Marvellous Gozo, Malta's sister island, offers a tranquil escape. Lush with greenery and idyllic beaches, it is also home to Ggantija temple, older than the Egyptian Pyramids!

St. Julian's

This seafront town is a prime spot for foodies and nightlife enthusiasts. Here, visitors will find top-notch hotels, casinos and Paceville, the hub of Maltese nightlife.


Known for its shopping, dining, and seaside promenade, Sliema is popular for its urban appeal and ferry link to Valletta.

Where to Stay

Whether you're whisking your partner away for a romantic break or planning a rollicking holiday with friends, Malta offers perfect spots to stay, ensuring you can soak up all its charms comfortably.

For a family holiday: Mellieha

With its sandy beach and family-friendly resorts, Mellieha is a hit with families. Nearby attractions include Popeye Village and the Malta National Aquarium.

For a couples holiday: Mdina

Opt for the old-world charm of Mdina, where romantic night-time village walks and panoramic island views from the Bastion Square make for a dreamy getaway.

For a holiday with friends: St. Julian's

Busy St. Julian's buzzes with nightclubs and bars, making it the go-to spot for those seeking a lively holiday. By day, your group can soak up the sun at St. George's Bay beach.

When to Visit

Malta boasts warm temperatures year-round, making it a wonderful escape any season you wish. For sun-drenched beach holidays, the summer months of June to August are popular, however, the island can be quite crowded. To enjoy pleasant weather with fewer tourists, consider visiting during late spring (April to June) or early autumn (September to November). These periods offer the perfect balance of sunshine and serenity. Winter months can be mild and a bit wet, though it's an excellent period for budget travellers and those wishing to explore Malta’s historic sites and landscapes minus the tourist throngs.

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