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Emerging from a humble fishing village into a bustling modern resort, Sliema sits as an appealing juxtaposition of nautical serenity and cosmopolitan charm, nestled on Malta's northeast coast. Commanding the island's salt-sprayed stories whilst offering a front-row seat to Malta's vibrant contemporary scene, Sliema is your inviting passage into Malta's past and present.

Rich in colour and character, Sliema boasts a coastline of rocky beaches, mirrored by a labyrinth of trendy bars, tasteful restaurants, and luxurious shopping outlets in its interior. Explorers setting foot in this island town will enjoy not just a refreshing getaway, but an entrancing adventure exploring Maltese history, cuisine, culture, and sport in one delightful package.

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Things to See and Do

Allow Sliema's myriad of attractions to sweep you off your feet. Whether you bask in the dappled sunlight of bustling bazaars, immerse in the warm tones of the stone fortresses, or lose yourself along coastal trails, each turn in Sliema is a gateway to the extraordinary.

Sliema Promenade

Stroll along the sun-kissed Sliema Promenade, delightfully outlined by a medley of restaurants, breathing in the irresistible aroma of Mediterranean, grill and other world cuisines. Follow your taste buds' call and surrender yourself to a world of culinary wonder. End your leisurely walk at Balluta Bay or Spinola Bay, two charming bays promising soft sandy shores and coastal dining proposals.

Pjazza Tigné

Find yourself drawn to Pjazza Tigné, the beating heart of Sliema's luxury district. Spoil yourself with the latest collections from exclusive brands whilst enjoying the historical relevance of the redeveloped Tigné Point.

Historic Sliema

Visit Fort Tigné, a vivid echo of Sliema's past, and Stella Maris Church, examples of Sliema's historical grandeur nestled amidst the same streets you would stroll on towards modernity.

Exiles Bay Beach

Finally, let Exiles Bay Beach charmed you under the Mediterranean sun. Turquoise waters invite you for a dip, while a beach restaurant nearby lures you with enticing Maltese flavours to complete a perfect day on Sliema's shore.

Food and Drink

In Sliema, the cuisine dances on the delicious edge between tradition and diversity. This bursting melting pot of international and local flavours assures a rewarding gastronomical journey.

Indulge in the gastronomic treasures of the Mediterranean

Particularly fresh seafood along the Sliema Promenade with many restaurants like Charles Grech Bistro offering the day's best catch in creative culinary presentations.

Enjoy a steaming pastizzi

A traditional Maltese pastry filled with ricotta or peas, alongside a piping hot cup of tea at one of Sliema's countless charming cafés and tea rooms.

Feast on a hearty rabbit stew, Fenkata

A local favourite, slow-cooked in wine and garlic, leaving mouthwatering flavours along with lasting memories.

Savour local wines

Most notably Maltese Merlot or Syrah, with a perfectly paired plate of Ġbejniet, the little round cheese, either served fresh, peppered, or sun-dried.

End your day with a glass of the island’s traditional honeyed liqueur, Bajtra liqueur

While delighting in traditional Maltese sweets such as the "Imqaret" (date pastries) and "Kannoli" (cannoli with ricotta filling).

Destination Essentials

Choosing the perfect time to visit Sliema, Malta, is dependent upon your preferences. For sun-soaked days and lively atmosphere, May and June offer favourable weather conditions with temperatures ideal for sunbathing and water sports.

August does get rather hot and humid, reaching up to 30°C. This is perfect if you enjoy a true summer experience, highlighted with the warmest sea temperatures in August at a delightful 26°C.

On the other hand, if a quieter time with fewer tourists is your preference, consider the "shoulder" months when temperatures and tourist influx drop a tad, but the island still retains its sunny charm. Be aware, though, Sliema sees its most rainfall in December. With this guide, choosing the best time for your Sliema excursion is, thankfully, as straightforward as possible.


Welcome to Sliema's beaches, where the golden sun shines on the shimmering Mediterranean. To delight in the salty whispers of the sea, there's several delightful options within reach.

Exiles Bay Beach

Easily accessible and invitingly quiet, Exiles Bay Beach is a perfect nook for those seeking solitude. The turquoise waters gracefully lapping onto golden sands shall be an irresistible calling for unwinding and relaxing swim.

Fond Ghadir Beach

Revel in the uniqueness of Fond Ghadir Beach, a hidden gem among Sliema's coastal treasures. Enjoy a bathing experience framed by famous rocky lands, the very rocks that bless the island with a unique charm.

Qui-Si-Sana Beach

Visit Qui-Si-Sana Beach, awash with activities from snorkelling to diving. The beach's characteristic urban nature, embraced by the cool turquoise waters, offers an uncanny but delightful balance.

Balluta Bay Beach

Experience Balluta Bay Beach, a small, sandy spot blessed with crystalline water, with a perfect selection of restaurants and cafés along the Promenade to refuel and rehydrate.

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