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Auckland, affectionately known as Tāmaki Makaurau by the indigenous Māori people, is a fascinating metropolis shimmering in the heart of New Zealand's North Island. Packed full of captivating landmarks, stunning coastal views, and a mix of vibrant cultures, Auckland is an undeniable attraction for those in search of a slice of modern city-life meshed delicately with refreshing natural landscapes.

Boasting over 50 volcanic centres, stunning azure harbours, diverse gastronomy and world-renowned attractions, Auckland offers a wealth of experiences. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, culture buff, food-lover or nature enthusiast, this guide will help you navigate through Auckland's best offerings that make it the enthralling city it truly is.

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Things to See and Do

Auckland offers an abundance of memorable experiences waiting to be uncovered. From standing tall amidst the city's skyline to diving into the deep mysteries of the underwater world, Auckland has a myriad of attractions that cater to all tastes and interests.

Observe panoramic views from the Sky Tower

As Auckland's highest man-made structure, the Sky Tower provides iconic 360° views of the city and beyond. Savour gourmet dishes in the tower's eateries or embark on a daring SkyWalk or SkyJump if you fancy a thrill.

Dive into history at the Auckland War Memorial Museum

Located on Observatory Hill, the museum encapsulates an array of history, from the indigenous Māori culture to military history. Explore the neoclassical building and its recent additions that portray Auckland's captivating past.

Roam around SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

Discover the enchantment of marine life in this unique underwater setting. Stroll through glass tunnels surrounded by a myriad of marine life and visit the Sub-Antarctic penguin colony.

Take a walk in the Waitākere Ranges

Offering expansive walking tracks through native forest and leading up to spectacular views, this regional park is a gem for nature enthusiasts.

Experience Maori Culture at a Mitai Maori Village

Immerse yourself in the indigenous Maori culture at the village, showcasing traditional art, dance, and food.

Food and Drink

Auckland's multicultural population makes its foodie scene rich and diverse. From classic Kiwi favourites to tantalising Asian flavours, there's a culinary experience for every palate.

Indulge in a seafood feast

Home to the biggest Polynesian population worldwide, Auckland is known for its impeccable seafood. Try deliciously fresh oysters or snapper at the Auckland Fish Market.

Savour traditional hangi

Exquisite Maori cuisines include the traditional hangi, a slow-cooked meal buried underground. Head to a local Maori village for this experience.

Try Asian flavours

As the leader of Auckland's food scene, Britomart offers a myriad of Asian flavours, from Japanese at Ebisu to Southeast Asian at Cafe Hanoi.

Indulge in Kiwi desserts

Finish off your gastronomic journey by indulging in some traditional Kiwi desserts like Pavlova or Anzac biscuits, available all around the city.

Explore vineyards

New Zealand is renowned for its world-class wines. Take a ferry to Waiheke Island, dubbed as the island of wine, hosting several award-winning vineyards.

Destination Essentials

Auckland delivers an exciting experience year-round, but to have the best of it all, timing is key. Days of clear blue skies in the summer months from January to March present the ideal time to immerse in family outings or enjoy the city’s outdoor activities.

The months of spring and autumn are also pleasant, with milder weather and fewer tourists, allowing you to appreciate Auckland's outdoors to the fullest. Accommodation may prove to be a little scarce during the peak summer season, hence booking early is recommended. Despite the slight dampness, winter brings with it the throes of skiing and other wintry delights.


From idyllic stretches of white sand to lively city beaches, Auckland offers a plethora of seaside experiences that cater to every beach lover.

Devonport Beach

Known for its serene vibes and scenic views, Devonport Beach is perfect for family picnics or dips in the water.

Point Chevalier Beach

With its golden sand and tranquil ambience, Point Chevalier Beach offers a fun-filled day for all ages.

Piha Beach

Considered a surfer’s paradise, Piha's wild surf and dramatic black sand make it a must-visit.

Mission Bay Beach

This bustling city beach brims with neighbouring restaurants and cafés, perfect for a day of unwinding.

Takapuna Beach

Known for its impressive watersports facilities, this is the place for anyone wanting a more active beach day.

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