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The resilient city of Christchurch, the oldest-established in New Zealand, is known as much for its troubled past as it is for its immense flowering beauty, inviting green spaces, and impressive coastline. Home to a rich tapestry of cultures and a thriving technology-based sector, Christchurch is testament to a striking fusion of tradition and modernity.

Despite its dramatic history encompassing human migration, earthquakes, and shocking terrorist attacks, the South Island's largest city continues to thrive. With exceptional beaches, an abundance of local history, and an enviable culinary scene, Christchurch leaves no stone unturned in winning over the hearts of globetrotters.

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Things to See and Do

Christchurch, a city brimming with charm and adventure, has something for every kind of traveller. Whether you're hoping to immerse yourself in rich history, explore wildlife, or experience adrenaline-pumping activities, you're sure to find it in this New Zealand gem. Here are some top sights to align your compass towards.

Discover the Red House Museum and Gardens

A treasure trove of local history housed in a former Georgian workhouse.

Explore the architectural marvels of Highcliffe Castle

Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Embark on an adventure at The Adventure Wonderland

The top family attraction in Dorset.

Lose yourself in the exquisite flora of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens

A petal paradise right in the city's heart.

Reverence the resilience at the Cardboard Cathedral

An emblem of Christchurch's relentless spirit.

Food and Drink

Indulging in Kiwi cuisine is an essential part of any visit to Christchurch. With a thriving local food scene, you'll find flavours to please every palate.

Kiwi Burger

Taste New Zealand's quintessential Kiwi Burger, decked with a beef patty, beetroot, egg, and cheese, best enjoyed at one of the city's food trucks.

Hokey Pokey ice cream

Sink your teeth into Hokey Pokey ice cream, a vanilla ice cream explosion laced with honeycomb toffee.

Fish and Chips

Enjoy some Fish and Chips, preferably beside a scenic beach.

New Zealand wine

Quench your thirst with world-renowned New Zealand wine, abundant in Christchurch's vineyards.

Locally-sourced lamb

Lasty, savour some delicious, locally-sourced lamb, a must-try for meat-lovers.

Destination Essentials

Nestled between frosted winters and the drier summers, the shoulder seasons of spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) are the perfect time to paint your canvas of memories in Christchurch. During these months, the city is bathed in mild temperatures, laying out an ideal setting for outdoor activities.

If you're keen on embracing the sunshine by the beach, summer (December to February) might be your ideal season, despite being the peak for tourism. But for those who'd rather avoid the bustling crowds, the tranquil winter months (June to August) offer a quieter, albeit chillier, visit.


Curling toes into golden sand and splashing in sparkling blue waters are definite highlights of any trip to Christchurch. Here are some beach recommendations to enrich your itinerary.

Scarborough Beach

Stroll along the promenade at Scarborough Beach, teeming with incredible facilities and perfect for family fun.

Sumner Beach

Experience Sumner Beach, a delightful sandy stretch close to Sumner township.

New Brighton Beach

Enjoy the blend of leisure and thrill at New Brighton Beach, known for its exceptional surfing conditions.

Highcliffe Beach

Gaze at stunning views of the Isle of Wight from Highcliffe Beach.

Taylors Mistake Beach

Soak in the calm at the sheltered Taylors Mistake Beach.

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