Moscow Holidays

Steeped in history and bursting with vibrant culture, Moscow stands as Russia’s colossal capital; exuding a unique energy that captivates its visitors. Scintillating in its grandeur, Moscow is a spellbinding blend of ancient architecture, iconic landmarks, and time-honoured traditions.

As the heart of Russian arts, ballet, literature, and gastronomy, an exploration of Moscow promises an immersion in the soul of Russian culture. From the regality of the Kremlin to the enchanting beauty of Kolomenskoye, this guide will help you navigate Moscow's marvels with ease.

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Things to See and Do

Home to a myriad of enticing attractions, Moscow caters to a traveller's every whim. Whether you seek unrivalled views from age-old towers, desire to lose yourself amidst historic splendour, or wish to experience family-friendly cultural activities, Moscow leaves no stone unturned in providing an unforgettable voyage.

The Moscow Kremlin

Begin your journey in Moscow at the Kremlin, the city's historical epicentre. Experience the splendour of ancient architecture, take in the stunning views of the Moskva River, or explore the priceless collections at the Kremlin Armoury. This fortified complex promises to transport you through centuries of Russian history.


Next, visit the idyllic estate of Kolomenskoye, a serene escape from the city's bustling centre. Known for the architecturally stunning Ascension Church, this royal estate promises a calming retreat filled with green expanses, walking paths and traditional Russian cuisine.

Izmailovo Kremlin

For a taste of Russia's whimsical side, head to the Izmailovo Kremlin. Reminiscent of a magical fortress, this colourful complex offers arts and crafts workshops, traditional Russian games, and fascinating museums, showcasing a vibrant slice of Russian heritage.

Gorky Park

Unwind in the lush greenery of Gorky Park, Moscow's central park. Paddleboat on the ponds, relax in the beach lounge area, or taste a Russian gelato while exploring its vast grounds.

State Tretyakov Gallery

Art aficionados should not miss the State Tretyakov Gallery, housing the world's most extensive collection of Russian fine art. Spanning a thousand years of art history, this museum offers an enriching deep dive into Russian culture.

Destination Essentials

To experience Moscow at its finest, consider a visit between June and August when the city is graced with its warmest weather, ideal for outdoor activities. These summer months are vibrant with numerous festivals, events and performances, adding an extra sparkle to the city's grandeur.

However, for travellers seeking a charming holiday amidst falling snowflakes, December to February offers a magical white-washed cityscape. Take advantage of winter sports activities, skating, and festive Moscow Christmas markets during these months. Alternatively, opt for spring or autumn for fewer crowds, budget-friendly hotel rates, and a tranquil exploration of this captivating capital.

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