Tobago Holidays

Stocked with stunning coastal views, lush rainforests and captivating historical sites, Tobago stands tall as the vibrant, less-travelled sprout of the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. Ideal for beach-bound couples and families, nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike, Tobago peppers a pinch of adventure into the usual sun-soaked beach holidays.

Whether you're planning a sun-kissed romantic retreat, a fun-filled family vacation or a rendezvous with friends, Tobago's sun-dappled beaches, vibrant coral reefs and vibrant culture provide an idyllic Caribbean setting. With a range of budget and luxury accommodation options spread across the island, Tobago presents a tantalising mix of beach relaxation, outdoor adventures and cultural immersion.


From pastel-coloured fishing villages to exciting dive sites teeming with aquatic life, Tobago holds a trove of stunning holiday destinations. Here's an ensemble of some of the best ones, from lively Scarborough to the tranquil Pigeon Point.


Tobago's capital, Scarborough, serves up history, culture and stunning views. Visit the imposing Fort King George for glimpses of the island’s colonial past and breathtaking panoramas.

Pigeon Point

As the epitome of a tropical paradise, Pigeon Point fulfils every beach lover’s dream, offering white sandy shores, turquoise waters and heart-stirring sunsets.


Dazzling dive spots and the beautiful Bird of Paradise Island are the jewels of Speyside, making it popular with nature lovers and snorkelling enthusiasts.


Known for the serene Pirate’s Bay, the picturesque village of Charlotteville is a haven for those seeking tranquillity away from mainstream tourist spots.


Primarily known for its coral reef and the vibrant "Sunday School" street festival, Buccoo brings together elements of natural beauty and cultural zest.

Where to Stay

Whether you're on a getaway with your partner, your kinfolk or your mates, Tobago offers an array of welcoming places to stay. Let's delve into some of the choice locales across the island.

For a family holiday

The Southwest peninsula, encompassing areas such as Crown Point and Canaan, boasts family-friendly resorts convenient for the airport, beaches and eateries.

For a couples holiday

For a romantic retreat, opt for tranquil settings like Castara and Charlotteville, where cosy guesthouses provide ample privacy amidst stunning natural beauty.

For a holiday with friends

On holidays with friends, stay in Scarborough or Crown Point where you’ll find a plenitude of social activities, from bar hopping to watersports.

When to Visit

Tobago enjoys a tropical climate and is inviting for travellers all-year round. However, if you wish to avoid heavy rainfall and leverage the best beach conditions, it's best to visit during the dry season from January to May. But if you relish the verdant beauty of the rainforests, the rainy season between June to December may pique your interest. Just remember to carry your umbrella!

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