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Paris is indeed a city of light, bathing in a brilliance that extends beyond its diverse street lighting. Residing on the river Seine, in the centre of the Île-de-France region, it immerses you in a staggering amount of history, alluring architecture, titillating fashion, and an enticing gastronomic trail.

Possessing a multitude of charms that range from cosmopolitan to bohemian, Paris offers itself as an unforgettable destination for lovers, families, friends and solo explorers alike. Now, let's draw back the curtain to reveal its secrets.

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Things to See and Do

Getting to the heart of Paris involves more than strolling along the Seine or gazing up at the Eiffel Tower. With countless attractions that have made Paris the heartthrob it is, it's an adventure tracing the threads connecting modern city glamour, artistic heritage, and revolutionary history. Let's unveil five must-see sights that make Paris a city of endless discoveries.

Be enchanted by the Louvre

As the most visited art museum in the world, the Louvre presents 380,000 works ranging from epoch-making artefacts to coveted masterpieces. Its unforgettable architectural silhouette, crowned by the iconic glass pyramid, is a sublime testimony to Paris's avant-garde spirit.

Stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens

The perfect retreat from the vibrant city bustle, the Luxembourg Gardens offer a treasure trove of natural and cultural gems. Admire Queen Marie de Medicis' created scenic splendour, discover fascinating sculptures, and explore the palace that was once a French Revolution prison.

Wander in Place des Vosges

Discover the well-manicured elegance of Paris's oldest planned square, located in the richly cultured Marais district. Meander through upmarket art galleries, antique shops, and cosy cafes nestled within the arcades – a testament to the city's artisanal heartbeat.

Marvel at Notre Dame Cathedral

Allow your eyes to trace the towering beauty of this Gothic masterpiece. Rooted in history and architectural grandeur, Notre Dame Cathedral stands as an ambience-infused sanctuary, bridging Paris's spiritual and creative essences.

Capture the Eiffel Tower

Last, but certainly not least, don't miss capturing the memory-marking panoramic vista from the top of Paris's towering icon – the Eiffel Tower. Experience French engineering prowess as you soak in unforgettable city views from its three visitor levels.

Food and Drink

The Parisian palette is a universal symphony of flavours, awaken your senses to the charm of French gastronomy as you let us guide through the culinary treasures of Paris.

Savour French wine

Immerse in a traditional wine tasting session, a profound way to engage with French artistry and culture. Explore the timeless Parisian cellars for an array of wines from across the country's luxury-producing vineyards.

Indulge in French Cheese

France is a cheese lover's dream. With over 1,600 varieties of cheese, sample an exquisite ‘plateau de fromage’ at a local fromagerie or a delightful wine bar.

Experience French Pâtisseries

From flaky croissants, buttery madeleines to delicate macarons – Parisian pâtisseries are an artform in themselves. Tread the cobbled streets to find a 'boulangerie', immersing in the aroma of freshly baked pastries for an iconic Parisian experience.

Try Classic French Cuisine

Experience an entrée into the refined world of French gastronomy with dishes like escargots de Bourgogne, bouillabaisse or a simple, elegant croque monsieur at a local bistro.

Discover Haute Couture Chocolates

Embark on a tour de chocolatier around the city. Many Parisian chocolate boutiques are renowned for their opulence and creativity – from shiny truffles, well-crafted bonbons to decadent chocolate sculptures – decadence awaits.

Destination Essentials

A visit to Paris welcomes a year-round bloom of cultural and picturesque grandeur. Still, certain periods offer you the best the city has in store. Summer, from June to August, is the prime time. Sun-kissed weather serenades the city while people sip refreshing rosé on terraces and river banks buzz with locals and visitors alike.

However, many establishments close during August, with Parisians escaping the city heat. The stretches of Spring (April-May) and Autumn (September-October) are quite favourable, providing milder temperatures, thinner crowds and an unwithered charm. For budget travellers, winter presents quieter sights and lower prices, with December adding a pinch of enchantment with its sparkling lights and festive delights.

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